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We are healthcare professionals aiming to raise awareness of the power of civility in medicine

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Civil work environments matter because they reduce errors, reduce stress and foster excellence.

What is Civility Saves Lives?

We are a collective voice for the importance of respect, professional courtesy and valuing each other. We aim to raise awareness of the negative impact that rudeness (incivility) can have in healthcare, so that we can understand the impact of our behaviours.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to disseminate the science of the impact of incivility in healthcare. We also strive to research and collaborate on data about the impact of incivility.

We began locally in the West Midlands but now give talks across England, Wales and Scotland. 


Recent engagements include

Talks to West Midlands FY1s, FY2s and registrars, grand rounds (UHCW and the Alexandra, Redditch).

BMA news interview (publication coming soon)

We spoke at the Learning from Excellence Conference in November 2017.

Talk to child and adolescent psychiatrists in Edinburgh Nov 2017.

Talks to intensivists at North Wales study day 2017, Manchester Royal Infirmary (in Jan 2018).

Talk to the all Wales retrieval service Nov 2017.

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Almost all excellence in healthcare is dependent on teams, and teams work best when all members feel safe and have a voice.

Civility between team members creates that sense of safety and is a key ingredient of great teams.

Incivility robs teams of their potential.


Incivility has been shown to reduce team functioning, clinical decision making and patient outcomes.

We would like to collect as much information about civility (and incivility) in the clinical setting as we can.

Our goal is to celebrate and promote civility and to raise awareness and help prevent incivility.

If you have a story of someone being rude or, even better, civil (or kind) please submit it below, explaining the impact it had on you, and on others around you.

"I saw incivility really impact the performance of an experienced registrar in theatre, that then caused all of the other theatre staff to make mistakes. It has a massive negative impact on performance"


January 10, 2017

"When I am working with someone who is civil and treats me with respect, I feel empowered and encouraged to work at my best"


May 5, 2017

Tell us your stories

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Your Stories
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We want to hear your stories, positive or negative, to show (anonymously) to the world. You are not alone!


Please share your stories. Contact us below.

Civility saves lives

Civility Saves Lives


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