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Here at Civility Saves Lives we love infographics! 
Here are some of our creations, each with a key message of civility within!

Rude surgeons impair anaesthetists

The evidence shows that rudeness impairs performance, and we're not good at recognising it at the time! This applies across healthcare, not just to surgeons.

New FY1 Doctors

Hello from us at CSL. Let's hope your expectations are in line with ours!

Impacts of Incivility - Main Poster

The facts and figures!

Victims of incivility

There is widespread impact with incivility

Anonymity breeds incivility

Being rude, even over the phone can have devastating impacts on patient outcomes.

Civility lift

Your actions affects others around you...

Who benefits from kindness

The impact is widespread and should be encouraged

Evolution of incivility

It only takes a few simple steps

Uncivil Relatives

More of a hindrance than a help?

Incivility in the surgical setting

Incivility is like poison in the surgical setting.

Civil Surgeons

Measurable improvements in complication rates when civil

Warmth and competence

The easy way to demonstrate both? Civility

No Asshole Rule

Rudeness doesn't belong in teams. Put the patient first

Getting the message across

Talking over the phone can help avoid unnecessary conflict

Compassionate governance

Rules we should all follow

Thank you

Creating a positive, civil environment for all

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