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As a collective, we consider ourselves a health awareness project. We decided right from the start that our way of using the information we have gathered is to share it; to raise awareness. We do this alongside our day jobs working for the NHS! 

That was either through this site, our Twitter (X), and Infographics, or by us presenting and speaking about this topic wherever and whenever we can.

By presenting and speaking about the topic, we hope to spark the drive for change in people like you to take this information to your team, your service, or your organisation and run with it. Not sure where to start? Maybe that's where we can help!


Get in touch to request us

Want us to come and present or be a key note speaker or run a workshop; get in touch and give us the details.

Chris, Joe, or one of the team may be able to help. Give us the date, time and request or what you are looking for and we will look to reply in due course (please bear with us). 

Enquire below:

Thanks for submitting!

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