The Impact and Importance of Civility in the Workplace

This is a blog piece written by our very own Joe and Penny, featured by the Australian based online medical blog; On The Wards 

Civility, Respect, and Engagement in the Workplace

A civil work environment is one where employees respect and value one another through cooperation, fair resolution of disputes, teamwork, and non-discriminatory behavior.

This page summarises the benefits of a civil workplace, and how to create an environment that promotes civility.

Gathering of Kindness

Gathering of Kindness is an organisation created by Mary Freer and Dr Catherine Crock focusing on the direct correlation between organisational negativity and staff wellbeing and effectiveness. 

The Gathering of Kindness aims to redress this by building, nurturing and instilling a culture of kindness throughout the healthcare system.

How to Avoid Hiring a Toxic Employee

Nothing is more costly to an organization’s culture than a toxic employee. Research shows that rudeness is like the common cold — it’s contagious, spreads quickly, and anyone can be a carrier.

Dylan Minor, a visiting assistant professor at Harvard Business School, and Michael Housman, chief analytics officer at Cornerstone OnDemand, studied just how costly toxic employees are using a large dataset of nearly 60,000 workers across 11 firms in various industries, including communications, consumer services, financial services, health care, insurance, and retail.

An Antidote to Incivility

Christine Porath recalls an office environment she found herself in full of bullying and rudeness. She describes the impact this had and the ways in which to counteract this and fight back against the incivility,

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