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We are healthcare professionals aiming to raise awareness of the power of civility in medicine

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What is Civility Saves Lives?

Learn more about civility and why we think our message is so important here.

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What is the evidence for it?

Review some of the current evidence that we think is so important here.


What can you do about it?

We have compiled some amazing websites and resources that have been produced to answer the question; what happens next?

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Civil work environments matter because they reduce errors, reduce stress and foster excellence.

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Almost all excellence in healthcare is dependent on teams, and teams work best when all members feel safe and have a voice.
Civility between team members creates that sense of safety and is a key ingredient of great teams.
Incivility robs teams of their potential.

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Incivility has been shown to reduce team functioning, clinical decision making and patient outcomes.

We love infographics, check out the Infographics page for more!

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